If you were in a car crash and injured, working with the right medical provider to diagnose your injuries and help you get better is only part of what you need. Today, the insurance companies will require significant and detailed documentation of your injuries and treatment which only a few providers in Denver can offer. A trauma trained chiropractor is your best resource for starting your care and ensuring you get the proper imaging, referrals, and treatment that you need. Why is it so critically important to be evaluated by a conservative spine specialist after you have been in a car crash? Too many patients choose only medications, physical therapy or spine injections as their treatment approach, and currently the research points out that 45% of all chronic (long term) neck pain in America is related to motor vehicle crashes. This is an epidemic of life long pain after injury that needs to be addressed, diagnosed, and treated very soon after the injury occurs.

As a conservative spinal primary care doctor with advanced training in spinal trauma and degeneration, biomechanical engineering and MRI, I specialize in the diagnosis and management of mechanical spine pain and coordinating care with all medical professionals that you may need. I even have a hospital interprofessional credential. While drugs may be necessary to reduce pain and inflammation in the short term, the entire medical community is acutely concerned with the current opiate epidemic in this country. To avoid addiction or long term use of drugs or narcotics, it is critically important that the body learns to handle these injuries on its own, without sole or complete dependence on medications.

MD’s refer patients to us so that their patients can have a proper biomechanical assessment to determine the cause of their back or neck pain. Our treatment protocols have an exceptionally high success rate for helping people with their pain, and even burning/tingling/numbness in their arms and legs, hands and feet, and headaches. Additionally while our treatment is evidence-based, it is also patient centered due to the fact that every injury, and every person, is unique and needs to be helped accordingly.

Medical research has recently shown that chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be highly effective, cost-effective, and have the highest patient satisfaction rate of conservative treatment options. The majority of spine pain is non-specific, or “mechanical” back pain, which in most cases responds very well to chiropractic adjustments. Back pain is so common that the #2 diagnosis at the Emergency Department in America is low back pain.

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